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Wait, Did You Say NEWBORN Session?

I am a wedding photographer.

I am a wedding photographer.

I am a wedding photographer.

I am a newborn photographer.


Over the years, I have transitioned primarily into wedding and engagement photography. I feel like it's the most natural type of photography for me. It doesn't make me nervous at all. I feel like I am totally in my element during a wedding. It's what I was meant to do.

Of course, I do many other kinds of photo shoots like senior pictures (my 2nd favorite after weddings), family sessions, maternity, and quinceaeras. There is one type of photography that I almost NEVER do: Newborns.

In today's trendy prop laded style, I am NOT a newborn photographer.

Can I just be completely honest with you? From my experience, most newborn photographers are not wedding photographers and vice versa. It's almost like polar opposites of the photography scale. Newborn photography is a patience game and the photos are almost always not indicative of the actual feel of the session. Weddings are about capturing the moment of what is happening. To me, newborns are capturing that in between moment of peace between wiggles and cries.

IT IS HARD WORK. All aboard the struggle bus!

All that to say, I typically don't book newborn sessions because I don't keep an inventory of props. Most people want studio props like hats, baskets, wraps, and backdrops. I usually only accept newborns from close friends. Friends that are more open to an organic session. I think it's funny how trends change and the prop style of newborn photography became the gold standard. Props and elaborate sets involve so much compositing and wizardry.... I can't.

Yet, I say I am not a newborn photographer and COMPLETELY enjoyed the session I just did.

It was calm, no pressure and fun. Dare I say, I WANT to do another one! So here it is, my organic newborn session of baby Dorothy. Her parents were awesome and she was so pleasant during our time together. Thank you to Michelle and Maged for renewing my interest in this area of photography.

Enjoy, it may be awhile before I get the honor of doing another. :)


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Tiffany Hopwood Photography specializes in wedding photography with an occasional NEWBORN session in Dallas, Garland and throughout Texas as well as Destination Wedding photography anywhere in the world!

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