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Tiffany Hopwood Photography- UK Wedding Photographer

"I am living my dream getting to travel the world as a wedding photographer.

Thank you" 

-Tiffany Hopwood

Why choose us for your wedding?

Unlimited images 

You get every image that I edit! Most receive 700+ images! 

Fun & Variety

 I will make your wedding day as fun and stress free as possible by making everyone feel comfortable. We can do a mix of candid and posed, from laughing moments to emotional memories.



 Contact me anytime and see how quickly I respond to you. I aim to always be available for whatever you need. I love helping brides throughout the entire wedding process.

Kent UK Wedding- Chilston Park House

Hey! Nice to meet you!


The Beginning

 During university, I worked at a photo lab, developing film and printing pictures.  Although I enjoyed photography, I had a different path planned for my future. I finished school and graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Accounting. For years, I climbed the corporate ladder in finance while I continued to develop my skills in photography...... just for fun, you know.  

For as long as I can remember, I've always done photo shoots for family and friends. In 2012, I was ready to do more than that. Once I got married myself, it was time to start the real journey into becoming a professional wedding photographer. My first step was attempting to make a lovely website (It's a skill that grows with time, haha) as well as a social media presence to attract newly engaged couples and then...  Boom, I was in business! From there, it has been non-stop wonderful craziness! 

Why Weddings?

Some people ask me why I started doing weddings and how did I get into them from the start of my business. My only answer is that I was immediately drawn to the variety that wedding photography provides.

After my first few weddings, I knew wedding photography was what I was meant to do. 

I learned lessons from my own wedding and decided I would provide my brides with much more than I received. Exceptional service, quality art worth framing and loads of photos to document every single part.


 Weddings allow me to do everything from formal portraits, candid moments, detail documentary shots and my favorite, night photos.

To date, I have won multiple top Wedding Photographer awards and have been featured in numerous magazines and publications. I mainly shoot weddings in the US and UK as well as destination weddings in amazing tropical locations like Italy, Mexico and Jamaica! My next goal is to shoot a wedding somewhere in Greece or the Amalfi Coast.

My Personality

I am energetic, easy to talk to and curious about people.

I love to hear people's life stories and get to know them.

I help people who initially feel awkward in front of the camera feel comfortable...(which is almost everyone!)

Top Customer Reactions

"That was fun" (Girls)

"We should hang out sometime" (Love this one)

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be" (Guys)

"Thank you so much for working SO hard" (Brides & Grooms)

"I can't wait to see the pictures" (Everyone)

Things I Love

Meeting fun-loving, awesome couples

Witnessing the beginning of a new marriage

Showing people how to move and interact to look amazing

Travel, Travel, Travel! I love doing weddings all over the world. 


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