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The Most Reluctant of Blogs

Seems like everyone has a blog. Definitely every photographer has one. And all the people that have one insist you HAVE TO HAVE a blog to be relevant. I even searched for a stock image for "Reluctant" and nothing was found. HA!

This is the most reluctant of blogs.

This is me last month being my normal silly self and playing with light! It's not easy to find a pic of myself.


It's not that I don't want to blog...... I do. I have a lot to say. But should I say it?? I have been putting off this for a LONG time even though I know its something I really wanted to do. But updating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wedding sites and now a BLOG?

There's nothing worse than going to a site and the last blog post is from 2014. Is the site that outdated? Or is the blog part just too much to keep up with?

More reasons, I am reluctant to start this:

1) I don't want my blog to be an extended sales pitch. I think people are tired of being sold to 24/7 on social media, tired of being invited to join a business, like a page, etc. When I do post pictures, let's just agree it's entertainment, ok? :)

2) I want to be REAL. Not a marketing experiment. I want to talk about real stuff. For example, here were some ideas I had for a few blog posts: Why to skip family photos at your wedding, Bridesmaids Beware: Are they here to help you? or Top Wedding Mishaps and how to avoid them. Too risky to blog about? I worry about coming across to negative when I'm actually the girl that overuse the exclamation mark because I get so excited about things!!!!

3) Are people interested in looking at pictures of people they don't know?


Bottom Line: I am not interested in creating a generic looking blog that is perfectly SEO optimized with perfect looking people in stunning environments. I want to post real people and real weddings. I want to post about wedding situations that people don't always talk about. I want to share experiences and places that interest you.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I don't want it to be about me and what I like. I want it to be about what is interesting to you.

This is the most reluctant of blogs. Should I do it??

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