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My 1st Big FAT Jewish Wedding

I don't know why it's so hard for me to do wedding blog posts. Actually, I do.

A typical wedding for me usually ends up with around 100-150 final images per hour. So an 8 hour wedding day could end up with 1,200 or more photos. Let's not even talk about if I am working with a 2nd shooter! All that to say, sorting through the photos to decide what to post can be OVERWHELMING!

I mean, I love hundreds of them and I know YOU probably can only spend 2-3 minutes of your precious time to scroll through a post!

I am sure that is exactly how my couples feel when they are trying to decide which photos to add to their wedding album or print for their homes.

This wedding ended up with 1,242 delivered photos, so I was able to successfully narrow it down to a select few to tell Carly & Andrew's wedding story. (I probably still picked too many!)

This was my 1st Jewish wedding.

And let me tell you, hopefully not my last! IT WAS AWESOME! The bride, groom and wedding planner, Ruth, worked with me before the wedding to explain all the different events and elements that are unique to Jewish weddings.

I pretty much decided after their wedding that I hope I book a ton more Jewish weddings. The tradition, the energy, all of it was right up my alley. Where are my Jewish brides at??

This venue offered a lovely, bright bridal suite and an all white entry way. The ideal set up for my Vanity Fair inspired bridal party pictures!

My favorite part of the ceremony was when the groom stomped on the glass!

There was so much joy and excitement in that moment that the bride and groom just about ran down the aisle afterwards! They ended the night with a bubble exit and a surprise fireworks show for their guests.

Check out Carly & Andrew's Wedding!


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