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In Honor of Stormy Weather...

First of all, I need to tell you all I LOVE stormy weather.

I mean, LOVE like I love photography love.

I get excited when I look at the 10 day weather forecast and see thunderstorms. Those are fun days for me. Once one of my bosses even nicknamed me "Snowflake" because I was intensely following the forecasts for an impending ice storm. Needless to say, severe weather coverage is super interesting to me. When a storm is imminent, get the popcorn, let's watch "coverage".


It makes sense, I was born during a hurricane!

Here's to extreme weather and just a few pics I've taken along the way.


Rose Hall Beach, Jamaica, 2017

Thunderstorm approaching Rose Hall Beach, Jamaica

(C)Tiffany Hopwood Photography

Panama City Beach (C) Tiffany Hopwood Photography

Panama City Beach Thunderstorms

(C) Tiffany Hopwood Photography

Clouds building in St. Petersburg, Florida

(C) Tiffany Hopwood Photography

After the storm sunsets are the prettiest.

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