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"I've Never Done This Before."

"Help me! I've never done this before" is the general sentiment I get from a lot of newly engaged girls.

Since most people are planning a wedding for the 1st and last time, you don't get the chance to get GOOD at it.


It's important to me to help each bride that I come in contact with whether they book me as their wedding photographer or not.


And I gotta admit, I love to be part of the planning process, sharing my experience and helping brides book good vendors and find awesome deals.

We generally book up to 6 months to 1 year in advance. So even if I am booked already, I absolutely love to send people to other photographers that I know will do a good job for them. Besides photographers, I keep a list of amazing vendors from gorgeous venues like Magnolia Terrace to exceptional destination wedding planners like Yellow Umbrella Events to beautiful videographers like Cristina Crider Edits.


As a photographer, I am 100% photo journalist + part wedding planner + part day of coordinator + part nerve reliever.


Here are some things I have done at weddings that have nothing to do with photography:

- Cut Cake (literally cut the whole cake for all the guests.......more than once!)

- Lace up a wedding dress

- Mend a broken wedding dress

- Serve drinks and food to the bride and groom

- Clean bride's sandy feet after pictures

- Dry flowers and prepare bouquets

- Perform a dance

- Help keep the schedule on track

- Pin on flowers and corsages

- Ease tensions between families

Which one of those is most surprising to you?

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