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My Most Frequently Asked Question

It's hard to believe I just finished my 5th year as a wedding photographer. I get asked a lot of the same questions about my photographer life. Hands down, the MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION I always get is:

"So, how long have you been doing photography?"

I never really know how to answer. Here's my timeline.

Me as an 8 yr old Hula girl aka Diva posing for Halloween

1988 Apparently, I was working on my posing techniques on Halloween. 8 years old, people.

1994 I started posing my friends and doing "photo shoots". Well, still do...

1997 I took my 1st photography class and learned how to work in a dark room.

Working at a Photo Lab back in the film days

1999 I worked at the Eckerd's photo lab back when you could only see your pictures when your film was developed and printed. I hated when people brought in 110 film, since it was the hardest to develop because you had to hand spool it onto a reel. Oh and those Kodak disposable cameras that need a screwdriver to break into them, those were tough too.

2008 I did my 1st wedding...... in film.

2012 I setup my Facebook business page and developed my 1st website.

2016 I won my 1st wedding photography award- The Knot Best of Weddings

So, how long have I been doing photography? I have been interested since I was a teenager and have always been doing shoots for people. I typically say 5 years professionally since that is when I started trying to market myself. It's a hard question!

To date, we've done over 60 weddings. From locations throughout Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico to destination weddings in several different countries like Mexico and Jamaica, we continue to grow and expand beyond my wildest dreams.



To mark our 5 year milestone, we are giving away 2 wedding photography packages at 50% off!

*Must enter by 11/14/17 to be considered. One winner will be chosen randomly.

Winning discount can not be applied to destination wedding pricing.


Want to see more photos? Visit

Tiffany Hopwood Photography specializes in wedding photography in Euless, Hurst and throughout Texas as well as Destination Wedding photography anywhere in the world!

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